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Tron Lightcycle Rock UNLOCKED!


3D TRON Lightcycle Rock and Roll Racing Game. Use TURBO SPEED to blast past the competition! Choice of 3 Sound Tracks and 6 Game Themes! Try the TURBO SPEED feature, exclusively on 3D Tron Light cycle Rock Edition Racing Game! Just tap the top of the screen to GO TURBO until you turn or tap the Turbo a 2nd time.
New Arcade Mode offers 40 levels of Racing Game Action to play or you can disable arcade mode to customize your game.
Your goal is to try to cut off the other players and make them crash into your trail. 
The Tron 3D Lightcycle Rock racing game has the following menu options:(Tap the bottom right corner during game play to change your preferences)
1) Select Racing Game Sound Track
 2) Select Racing Game Theme      Rockin Guitars Theme       Motorcycles Theme Tropical Beach Theme       Beautiful Girls UNLOCKED Bikini Beach UNLOCKED      Exotic Cars
 3) Select number of players between 2 and 6
 4) Select Arena Size (Small, Medium, Large, Huge)
 5) Select Game Speed       (Slow, Normal, Fast, Extreme, Insane, Hurt Me, Instant Death)
 6) Bike Color select from 6 colors
 7) Toggle Music / SFX on/off
 8) Toggle FPS counter
 9) Change Camera mode
6 Game Themes to Choose From: Rock and Roll Guitars Motorcycles Game Theme Tropical Beach Theme Beautiful Girls (.99) Bikini Beach (.99) Exotic Cars
Tron Rock Racing Game Pro is 100% AD FREE, COMPLETELY UNLOCKED and ready to ROCK!
All premium content from the Tron Light Cycle Rock and Roll Racing game is included in the Ad Free Tron Lightcycle Rock Edition Pro Racing Game.
Note: Increasing the Arena size and adding players reduces performance. Removing players and reducing the arena size improves performance!
This is the fastest 3D Tron racing game out there so if you have a need for speed in your racing games, this is the Tron game for you!
Try the new Tron game speed options: Insane, Hurt Me, and Instant Death
Really get your motor running with the new Beautiful Girls wall or the Exotic Cars theme for Tron 3D light cycle rock and roll racing game!
Sound Track Selection Option - you can choose from 3 Rockin Sound Tracks in Tron 3D Lightcycle Racing Game Rock Edition.
We sincerely hope you enjoy the Rock and Roll twist on this tron lightbike classic racing game .
This section is required by the GPL License:This game is a variation of the android port of the open source glTRON a 3D lightbike racing game.
Based on version 0.7 of glTRON Game
Note, I have modified the game source code to include 3 new game speeds, Insane, Hurt Me, and Instant Death. I have also added a Turbo speed mode to the game. I have modified the graphics for TRON ROCK EDITION 3D Racing Game to give a rock and roll feel to this 3D racing game!
The original source code for this app is available on github. Please PM me if you would like the link to download the source.